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TC Erika Binding Suspension DISCONTINUED

Effective Immediately

To Our Valued FL Agents,

Effective immediately, MAPFRE Insurance is discontinuing suspending

binding for New Business and Endorsements for Property, including Auto

Physical Damage, Garage Dealers Open Lot and Garage Keepers Direct


Binding suspension is now lifted throughout the entire state of Florida.

If you have any questions, please contact your Business Development

Representative. Thank you for your continued partnership with MAPFRE Insurance.


Joaquin de los Reyes

Vice President & Regional Manager

Business Development


To Our Valued Florida Agents,


Thank you for your patience as we have been working to restore our Commercial Auto online rating system. The system is now operating at normal level.

Occasionally in periods of heavy use we experience system stalls which have made it difficult to produce a MAPFRE quote, quickly, for your clients. If you experience a delay, please feel free to contact us directly for a quote. We continue to monitor the system closely.
If you wish to have us quote please submit, by way of email to your MAPFRE Florida assigned Auto Service representative, the risk of any size in accordance with the eligibility guidelines to quickly turn around a quote for you. We suggest you place "Quick Quote" in the Subject line of your email and attach a completed Acord application so we can work on the quote immediately for your client.

- Plantation:

    Underwriter: Penny Paquette

     Auto Service Rep: Brenda Keddy

     Extension: 14959

Email Address: bkeddy@mapfreusa.com


- Miami:

      Underwriter: Penny Paquette

      Auto Service Rep: Sheri Abrahamson

Extension: 14624

Email Address: sabrahamson@mapfreusa.com


- Tampa:

       Underwriter: Michelle Bodell

       Auto Service Rep: Joseph Perreault

Extension: 14601

Email Address: jperreault@mapfreusa.com


- Orlando:

       Underwriter: Sandy Hamilton

       Auto Service Rep: Christine Kiritsis

Extension: 14165

Email Address: ckiritsis@mapfreusa.com


- Gainesville/Jacksonville:

       Underwriter: Stephen Neal

       Auto Service Rep: Kim Cantara

Extension: 14520

Email Address: kcantara@mapfreusa.com


As always, thank you for the business that you place with MAPFRE.

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MAPFRE Insurance is continuing to grow and evolve as brands nationwide; therefore, it is important to engage our agents and customers using a variety of platforms, including social media.

One of the most popular tools, with 845 million active users, is Facebook. Its popularity provides us with a great opportunity to further expand our brands and so we'd like to announce the roll-out of the MAPFRE Insurance Facebook page.
Our Facebook page will increase brand awareness, educate consumers about insurance-related topics and give agents and customers a new way to engage with us in meaningful conversations. We'll use the page to post relevant information - everything from preparing for upcoming seasons to filing claims or as a means for customers to contact their agents.
We encourage you to post your feedback and comments on the wall, send us a private Facebook message or an email to; socialmedia@mapfreusa.com. We look forward to connecting with you!


- MAPFRE’s geographical diversification and business strategy drives continued growth and maintains a healthy balance.
- The Group’s premiums increased by 10.1%, to 21,579.8 million euros.
- The international business contributes over 60% of premiums and results, with special mention to Brazil and the USA.
- Equity grew in excess of 750 million euros in 2012.
- Allocation of dividends of 370 million euros.
- The Group redefines its strategic approach for the next five years.
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